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Welcome to Bangaliesbazar, your one-stop destination for innovative accessories that enhance your creative journey. Are you prepared to elevate your iPhone photography to new heights? Look no further than the JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod for iPhone – a game-changing accessory that brings versatility and convenience to your photography endeavors.

In a world where every moment is worth capturing, the JOBY TelePod Mobile offers many possibilities. This all-in-one tripod is designed to be your ultimate photography companion, seamlessly transitioning between various modes to cater to your unique needs. Use it as a handgrip for steady shots on the move, a selfie stick for captivating self-portraits, an elevated stand for dynamic angles, or a stable tripod for intricate compositions. With the TelePod Mobile, your creativity knows no bounds.

Vlogging has become a powerful way to connect with audiences, and the JOBY TelePod Mobile is your gateway to success. Its adaptability as both a selfie stick and tripod means you’re equipped to create engaging vlogs and videos. Share your stories, adventures, and expertise with confidence, capturing shots that resonate with your viewers. The TelePod Mobile’s flexibility empowers you to experiment with different angles, elevating your content and captivating your audience.

At Bangaliesbazar, we understand that your photography gear should match your aspirations. The JOBY TelePod Mobile is meticulously crafted to accommodate most iPhone models securely, ensuring your device stays safe during shoots. Moreover, its compatibility extends to a variety of other cameras and accessories, embracing the diverse landscape of photography and videography. The TelePod Mobile adapts to your creative vision, providing your needed stability and flexibility.

Capturing the perfect shot is about more than just timing – it’s about the ability to capture fleeting moments effortlessly. With the JOBY Impulse Bluetooth trigger included, you’re in control. Whether you’re using the TelePod Mobile as a selfie stick or set up as a tripod, the wireless remote shutter empowers you to take shots from up to 90 feet away. Say goodbye to shaky hands and hello to precision and creativity.

Bangaliesbazar offers not just products, but an ecosystem that enhances your creative process. The JOBY TelePod Mobile seamlessly integrates with various JOBY mounts, expanding your toolkit. From the GripTight ONE Mobile Phone Clamp to GoPro Mounts and beyond, your possibilities multiply. Unleash your creativity by combining different tools to craft unique visual stories.

Invest in your creative journey with confidence. The JOBY TelePod Mobile comes with a two-year standard warranty, a testament to its durability and quality. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your experience with both our product and your creativity is exceptional.

Your photography deserves the best, and the JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod for iPhone delivers just that. From handheld shots to breathtaking angles, this versatile accessory empowers you to redefine your photography experience. Bangaliesbazar invites you to explore a new realm of possibilities and elevate your moments with the JOBY TelePod Mobile. Visit us today and discover the future of iPhone photography. Your creativity knows no limits.

Elevate Your iPhone Photography with the JOBY Telepod Tripod

In the fast-paced world of modern photography and content creation, the JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod emerges as a game-changer, promising to revolutionize the way you capture moments with your iPhone. This telescoping tripod is more than just a static stand; it’s a versatile companion that seamlessly transforms from a handgrip to a selfie stick, an elevated stand, and a tripod. Its adaptability opens up a world of creative possibilities, making it an indispensable tool for both amateur enthusiasts and professional photographers.

Versatile Features of the Joby Telepod Mobile Tripod

The beauty of the JOBY TelePod Mobile lies in its multi-functionality. It effortlessly transitions between various modes, ensuring that you’re always equipped to capture the perfect shot, no matter the setting. As a handgrip, it provides a stable and comfortable grip, allowing you to keep your iPhone steady while you explore the world around you. With a swift adjustment, it extends into a selfie stick, empowering you to include yourself in your compositions effortlessly.

But the TelePod’s versatility doesn’t stop there. Extend it further, and it becomes an elevated stand that lends a new perspective to your photography and videography. Whether you’re recording engaging vlogs or capturing stunning landscapes, this tripod adapts to your needs with unparalleled ease. And of course, it can transform into a traditional tripod, offering stability for those moments when absolute stillness is essential.

Perfect Tool for Vlogging and Beyond

Vlogging has become an integral part of modern content creation, and the JOBY TelePod Mobile is tailor-made for vloggers seeking to up their game. Its dynamic range of functions makes it the ultimate companion for on-the-go vlogging, allowing you to effortlessly switch between capturing scenic B-roll and engaging face-to-camera moments. The tripod’s adaptability ensures that your vlogs are not only visually appealing but also incredibly engaging.

Designed to Hold Most iPhone Models

The JOBY TelePod Mobile is engineered to accommodate a wide range of iPhone models, ensuring compatibility with your device. From the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, this tripod has you covered. Its secure grip holds your device in place, allowing you to focus on your creative vision without worrying about stability. Additionally, it boasts compatibility with various accessories using ¼ – 20” mounts, expanding its utility even further.

Includes Bluetooth Impulse Remote Shutter

Seamless control over your shots is paramount, and the JOBY TelePod Mobile doesn’t disappoint. The package includes a JOBY Impulse Bluetooth Trigger, providing you with a convenient remote shutter. Mounted on the grip in Selfie Stick Mode, it lets you effortlessly capture shots with a simple press. Even more impressively, when removed, the Bluetooth Impulse Trigger extends your reach, allowing you to capture moments from up to 90 feet away—a feature that’s as innovative as it is practical.

Compatible with a Variety of JOBY Mounts

Versatility is at the core of the JOBY TelePod Mobile’s design, and its compatibility with various JOBY mounts further amplifies its creative potential. Whether you’re attaching a GoPro mount, a flash mount, or any ¼”-20 device under the 11.46 ounce (325 gram) weight limit, the TelePod is ready to accommodate your needs. This adaptability ensures that your gear seamlessly integrates, offering you unparalleled creative freedom.

Enhancing Low-Light Photography with the Joby Telepod and iPhone

Low-light photography poses a unique set of challenges, but the JOBY TelePod Mobile rises to the occasion. Its stability and adjustable height empower you to capture stunning shots in challenging lighting conditions. Coupled with the capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, the TelePod becomes an essential tool for unlocking your low-light photography potential.

Compatibility and Warranty

The JOBY TelePod Mobile is designed to work harmoniously with a broad range of iPhone models, from the latest releases to earlier iterations. Its compatibility list spans from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, encompassing beloved models like the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 series, and more. This inclusive approach ensures that regardless of your iPhone model, you can harness the full power of the TelePod.

As a testament to its quality and durability, the JOBY TelePod Mobile is backed by a two-year standard warranty. This commitment to customer satisfaction underscores JOBY’s confidence in the tripod’s performance and longevity.


The JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod for iPhone transcends the boundaries of traditional photography accessories. Its remarkable adaptability, ranging from handgrip to selfie stick, elevated stand, and tripod, makes it an invaluable tool for photographers, vloggers, and content creators of all levels. Seamlessly integrating with a multitude of iPhone models and JOBY mounts, this tripod empowers you to explore new creative horizons with confidence. Elevate your iPhone photography to new heights with the JOBY TelePod Mobile—all the while capturing the moments that matter most, with unrivaled burstiness and perplexity. Welcome to a world of endless creative possibilities, courtesy of the JOBY TelePod Mobile and Bangaliesbazar.

Order your JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod for iPhone today and revolutionize the way you capture the world around you.

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